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WLC Staff Earn CST Certifications

WLC is proud to announce that two of our team members, Aaron Gow and Steven Langwell, recently completed Certified Survey Technician (CST) Level 1 training through the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). This certification program further qualifies Aaron and Steven to perform important surveying tasks as part of our company’s land surveying services.

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WLC Awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project

WLC was recently awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project located in Converse County, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2020. The project includes the reconstruction and paving of approximately 7.56 miles of the western end of East Antelope Road (County Road #52). WLC’s team of experienced engineers and skilled, professionals are excited to complete this project for Converse County.

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WLC’s Casper Office to Kick Off a Busy Summer

With many projects out of our Casper office on the horizon, ranging from street improvements and waterline replacements, to pathway design and construction, plus various civil engineering design services, WLC is excited to kick off a busy summer.

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Qualifications Your Materials Testing Firm Should Have

Materials testing refers to testing programs, investigations, and studies of concrete, soil, and asphalt in order to ensure projects are being constructed and completed as designed and to the proper specifications. In order to verify the proper materials are in place and meeting industry compaction standards, among other criteria, there are several qualifications and certifications you should look for in a civil engineering or testing firm.

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Ongoing Casper Civil Engineering Team Projects

WLC Engineering and Surveying had a very busy 2019 with various municipal, state, and private engineering projects. The new decade is shaping up to be another busy and exciting time for WLC. Today, we’re sharing a little look into a few of the projects our Casper civil engineering team will be working on in 2020.

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WLC Owner, Brad Miskimins, Provides Unrivaled Funding Expertise

Like all of WLC’s owners, Brad Miskimins wears many hats. As Funding Strategist, Grantsman, Marketing Director, Board Secretary, and Owner, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is tough to rival.

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WLC Secures City of Casper Highland Park Cemetery Addition, Phase II Project

WLC Engineering and Surveying was awarded the Highland Park Cemetery Addition, Phase II project by the City of Casper. The project includes the construction of an addition to the existing cemetery which includes grading, irrigation, seeding, landscaping, fencing, installations, and paving. Read more →