WLC President, Shane Porter, Receives Radiation Safety Officer Certification

WLC President, Shane Porter, Receives Radiation Safety Officer Certification

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WLC President, Shane Porter, is WLC’s new Radiation Safety Officer after successfully completing the official Troxler Radiation Safety Officer Course. Previously held by Greg Biggs, this role is essential as WLC operates Troxler nuclear gauges requiring important safety practices involving radioactive material.

Through this training, Shane gained the knowledge and training of radiation safety and the regulatory requirements associated with the role of Radiation Safety Officer for a portable nuclear gauge license. Before starting the Radiation Safety Officer course, Shane also completed the required Nuclear Gauge Operator Safety and Transportation courses.

The Radiation Safety Officer course provides education and training on radiological fundamentals, radiological protection regulatory requirements, gauge storage, transportation regulations, personnel monitoring, record keeping, leak testing, accident response, and gauge maintenance.

The Radiation Safety Officer certification centers around the nuclear density gauges that WLC operates for materials testing and geotechnical engineering services. A nuclear density gauge uses radioactive sources to measure the moisture content and density of soils, aggregates and other materials. Although consisting of radioactive sources, these field instruments are safe to use and are essential in building safe and reliable infrastructure.

As Radiation Safety Officer, Shane will provide necessary oversight and proper handling of WLC’s nuclear density gauges. WLC takes safety seriously and is committed to taking all of the necessary steps to ensure our team is following regulations and working under safe conditions. We are happy to have Shane take on this role!