WLC Provides Materials Testing for Energy Infrastructure Projects

WLC Provides Materials Testing for Energy Infrastructure Projects

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WLC’s materials testing team has covered rural Wyoming providing on site Nuclear Density Testing and Concrete Testing for various energy infrastructure projects. In addition, WLC  also provided lab support for that testing including gradations, proctors, Atterberg tests, as well as compression tests of concrete samples (also known as cylinders) collected in the field.

These large, multi-million dollar energy infrastructure projects include substation expansion projects as well as large pier foundations throughout Wyoming. WLC has collected thousands of concrete samples in the field and transported them daily to one of our laboratories where they are then cataloged, broken, and documented as a part of the quality assurance/quality control process. Additionally, the performance of daily one point proctors were completed, with modified proctors on soils as locations and on-site materials change.

These projects require navigating a set of specific logistics for WLC as they are often remote sites separated by hundreds of miles. Logistics often include daily staffing to support construction seven days a week, staffing to manage lab duties including proctors and cylinder breaks every day, as well as mitigating Wyoming’s unpredictable weather conditions. While in the field, it’s common for our team to experience wind, rain, snow, and hail – sometimes all in the same day!

WLC’s experienced and professional staff as well as logistical knowledge of field processes and conditions improves our client’s experience and assists them in executing a successful and timely project. Our team also has well established procedures for both field and lab duties, as well as direct supervision of our own staff by a WLC Professional Engineer.  

Overall, WLC’s involvement and general approach for these large energy infrastructure projects includes:

  • Ability to run multiple crews on and off site.
  • Meeting contractor’s schedule, safety protocols, and project requirements.
  • Testing concrete structures like foundations for piers in Wyoming’s most rural areas.
  • Providing daily reports on concrete test results.
  • Processing and storing large volumes of concrete cylinders.           

WLC often performs materials testing in remote areas and our team has the capability to support projects of this caliber across Wyoming depending upon each client’s scheduling and timeline. Our team is well versed in large energy projects that require the ability to work and collaborate with multiple agencies on a single project. Though these projects require vigorous testing within a strict schedule across Wyoming, we’re thrilled to be a part of this critical infrastructure upgrade.