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About WLC Engineering

Our experience working with WLC has been incredibly positive. WLC worked with us to clearly understand our needs and identify innovative ways to address them. During the time we have worked together, WLC has remained communicative, technically and fiscally responsible, as well as deadline and results driven. I am happy to recommend WLC. – Scott Brownell, Lake Ridge Estates


As a civil engineering, land surveying, GIS, grants writing and materials testing firm, WLC Engineering and Surveying provides unparalleled customer service for quality-driven projects to public and private sector clients in Wyoming and Rocky Mountain West region.

But, to really know about us, you need to know what we value most: integrity, relationships, and viability.

Our success since 1948 has been largely based on our integrity. WLC believes in being fair, honest, and ethical in all of our internal and external dealings. We also believe providing high-quality technical work and services to our clients is a key component of our integrity. We understand choosing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing. WLC’s believes our integrity is a large part of our strong, statewide reputation and why our client return rate is greater than 80%.

Integrity naturally breeds positive relationships. We know we prefer working with people we trust and respect. We know that you do also. WLC views our relationships with clients, employees, vendors, and partners as one of our greatest assets.

Lastly, WLC continues to invest in creating a viable company each and every day. We are proud that we are the longest-standing engineering and surveying firm in Wyoming. We also know there is a reason for this: because the viability of our company is at the forefront of our decisions. To be valuable to our clients and employees, we must exist and maintain a healthy company.

WLC Engineering Leadership Group

Shane Porter - P.E., Corporate Secretary, Principal, Engineering Department Manager

Shane Porter

P.E., Corporate President, Principal, Engineering Department Manager

Mr. Porter is corporate president, engineering department manager overseeing all engineering tasks and personnel, and an active principal and project manager. He joined WLC’s Casper office in 2004 after working for another engineering firm for seven years. He is experienced in engineering infrastructure designs, storm water systems design, cost estimation, construction administration, construction management, specification and bid document preparation, materials testing reports review, and coordination with clients and regulatory agencies. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming in 1997. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wyoming and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Wyoming Engineering Society.

Jason Meyers - P.E., Corporate Vice President, Principal, Engineering Department Director

Jason Meyers

P.E., Corporate Vice President, Principal, Engineering Department Director

Mr. Meyers is the corporate vice president, engineering department director overseeing all engineering for WLC, and an active principal and project manager in WLC’s Casper office. Since joining WLC in 1998, he has been in the civil engineering field where he has gained experience in conceptual and engineering design, preparing construction specifications and bid documents, reviewing materials testing reports, and coordination with clients, utility companies, and regulatory agencies. Mr. Meyers received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming in 1998. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wyoming and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Wyoming Engineering Society.

Brad Miskimins - Funding Strategist & Marketing Director

Brad Miskimins

Corporate Secretary, Funding Strategist, Marketing Director

Mr. Miskimins is the corporate secretary and WLC’s funding strategist and marketing director. Since joining WLC in 2006, he has secured more than $35 million in grants and loans for our clients. He is especially skilled at identifying appropriate and realistic funding sources for a specific project and executing a plan to secure the financing. After working for the Wyoming State Engineer’s office, Mr. Miskimins spent 16 years as the manager of the grant and loan programs for the State Loan and Investment Board, reviewing thousands of grant applications. His areas of expertise include public infrastructure, construction projects, and grant administration. Mr. Miskimins received a B.S. in Geology with an emphasis in Hydrology from the University of Wyoming in 1988. Mr. Miskimins also holds a Certificate in Financial Planning.

Greg Biggs - Treasurer

Greg Biggs


In his role as treasurer for both the board of directors and the overall company, Mr. Biggs is responsible for the financial success of WLC including business management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, and management of business department personnel. He joined WLC’s Casper office in 1985 as a survey crew member and, in 1990, became an engineering technician for the company. He simultaneously worked to receive his A.S. in Business from Casper College in 1988 and B.S. in Business Finance from Montana State University in 1990. After a three-year stint as an office manager for another company, he rejoined WLC as a finance manager. He is a member of the Wyoming Association of Consulting Engineers and Surveyors.


Doug Boyd

P.L.S., Corporate Board Member, Rawlins Office Manager, Project Manager

Mr. Boyd joined WLC’s Rawlins office in 2012.  He has many years of experience in GLO retracement and boundary surveys; topographic, hydrographic, route, and design surveys; construction layout, subdivision, and site condominium design; ALTA/ACSM surveys; and GIS data acquisition. Mr. Boyd is an experienced project manager and field surveyor with demonstrated ability to serve as client contact, estimate and prepare proposals, conduct research, schedule project and crews, provide data collection, and prepare reports.  He is proficient with AutoCADD, Carlson Survey, Trimble Business Center, Eagle Point, TDS, and Starnet. Mr. Boyd received his B.S. in Surveying/Engineering from Ferris State University in 1997. He is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Wyoming, the past president of the Carbon County Economic Development Corporation, and a board member for the Platte Chapter of Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming.