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3D High Definition Scanning

The FARO Laser Scanner, Focus3D is a high-speed 3D High Definition Scanning tool for detailed measurement and documentation. It uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed, photorealistic, three-dimensional images of complex environments, geometries, and its surroundings in only a few minutes. The resulting images are a collection of millions of three dimensional measurement points. The scan is an incredible record of the environment. It can produce an as constructed drawing, with the ability to dimensionally analyze pipe sizes, valves, and, basically, show what was in place on a given day.

Among many other uses, WLC Engineering and Surveying has found the Focus3D is ideal for projects such as collecting data points inside water treatment plants that include thousands of feet of intricate piping; surveying substations that include detailed facilities, wiring, and other components; and to get an accurate model of existing buildings for remodels or renovations.


3D High Definition Scanning:

  • As-Built Documentation
  • Interior or Exterior Architecture Survey
  • Power Line Transmission & Distribution
  • Historic Preservation or Renovation Documentation
  • Construction Progress & Monitoring

  • Quality Control
  • Asset Management
  • Above Ground Infrastructure Inventories
  • Forensics & Accident Scenes