The Best of 2023

The Best of 2023

best of 2023

In 2023, WLC served on a variety of projects from development to community park designs. No two are alike and we’re grateful to have played a role in each project completed throughout the year. Though we don’t have a yearbook to commemorate the year, we have listed project superlatives for the best of 2023.  

Best Community Improvement 

The NCSD Tennis Facility Design completed in July gets the spot for the Best Community Improvement in 2023. The new tennis court facility provides an updated and consolidated facility for the NCSD Tennis Program with 10 total courts, greatly impacting outdoor recreation for the youth and other residents in Natrona County. WLC provided both civil engineering design and land surveying services for this project.  

Best Street Project 

Though Memorial Way was designed in 2021, the Memorial Way Street Paving holds the 2023 Best Street Project for the value it provides to the community. For two years the road was partially gravel and only paved through a small portion of State Lands and the section on City of Casper land. In April 2023, WLC worked with the Town of Evansville to complete paving of the remaining gravel section of Memorial Way which included striping and the installation of delineator posts. 

Best Municipal Project 

The Best Municipal Project goes to the Robertson Heights Park Design in which WLC was hired by the City of Mills. Completed in the summer, Robertson Hills Park provides a great outdoor space available to the surrounding neighborhood as well as the entire City of Mills and neighboring communities. The park is accessible from two ends and will also become part of the City’s developing pathway system. 

Best Land Surveying Project 

WLC provided land surveying services for Carbon County Courthouse Site Improvements which earned the Best Land Surveying Project in 2023. This project is unique as the Carbon County Courthouse is the home of historic utilities and structures. Due to several unknown historic utilities on the project site, WLC worked mindfully to not disrupt historic utilities as well as provide cost effective solutions to satisfy community driven requests regarding the project. 

Best Civil Engineering Project 

WLC’s civil engineering services for the Antelope Ridge Subdivision Design earns the Best Civil Engineering Project for the design and construction of a new 8-acre subdivision within the Town of Rolling Hills. The subdivision includes seven 5-acre lots and a 15-acre parking area. Additionally, this project earned this spot for the essential and expanded housing it provides to the Rolling Hills community. 

This list names only a few of the projects WLC completed in 2023. For a larger preview of all WLC projects, take a look through our portfolio. WLC is beyond grateful for our clients, employees and partners who helped make the past year a success. Learn more about how we work or contact WLC to have our team on your next project.