WLC Provides Services for the Wyoming Sports Ranch

WLC Provides Services for the Wyoming Sports Ranch

wyoming sports ranch

The Wyoming Sports Ranch will be Natrona County’s newest, state-of-the-art sports facility. Encompassing 131,000 square feet, the Wyoming Sports Ranch will offer 10 basketball courts, 20 volleyball courts, and a permanent indoor multi-use turf. The much-needed facility will provide competitive, recreational and training opportunities as well as special events to thousands of community members and visitors alike. WLC is thrilled to be a part of this project which will prove to be a valuable community asset.

Projected to open in 2025, the Wyoming Sports Ranch broke ground in June on the grounds of the Ford Wyoming Center. WLC worked with contractors and Stateline 7 Architects in several capacities for this project. All services at this point have been completed aside from construction contract administration which WLC will provide services for through October 2024.

Lease Boundary Description

A Lease Boundary survey, description, and exhibit was completed by WLC in March 2022 for the 8.13-acre site for City of Casper approval. Additionally, the project owner decided to add approximately 4 more acres of land to the lease area which required another lease boundary description and survey field work by WLC.

Site Plan

Though the project site layout was determined by the architect, WLC assisted with the site plan by coordinating drawing contents with the architect and project owner, preparing drawings, and compiling and presenting the final site plan drawings for the City of Casper’s approval.

Surveying & Mapping

A new topographic design survey was required and the route for a new sewer line to service the building had to be identified. As part of surveying and mapping services, WLC recovered and collected existing monuments, collected location of visible utilities and improvements, as well as collected survey data to create a base map for design in AutoCad.

Construction Documents

As part of our services, WLC also prepared construction drawings for several project components including surfacing improvements, water systems, sanitary sewer mainline, storm water collection, and site grading.

Construction Administration

Lastly, WLC will be providing construction contract administration services for the Wyoming Sports Ranch project through October 2024. This includes construction observation for water and sanitary sewer improvements and other field observations and record preparations.

WLC is grateful to be a part of this project, which is anticipated to be a monumental addition to Casper and the statewide community. Stay tuned for further information and project updates as the Wyoming Sports Ranch comes to fruition.