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WLC Engineering and Surveying is an award-winning civil &
geotechnical engineering, land surveying, materials testing, grants writing, & GIS firm
serving public & private sector clients across Wyoming & the Rocky Mountain region.

Our Mission

WLC Engineering and Surveying’s Mission Statement is: Dedicated to Clients. Defined by Excellence. This mission was created in 2006, after nearly 60 years of service to clients, based on how we lived every day before and are committed to living each day in the future. It is the WLC Engineering and Surveying genuine promise that is proven through years of success and thousands of satisfied clients.

Our Values

WLC’s Engineering and Surveying’s core values are integrity, relationships, and viability. These important principles are integrated together and make up the foundation of our business and operations. This philosophy has led to greater than an 80% client return rate, proving our customer service and quality-driven projects are among the best in the industry.

Our Longevity

Opening our doors in 1948, WLC Engineering and Surveying is the longest-standing professional services firm in Wyoming. WLC’s culture of viewing each project as unique while simultaneously relying on experience from thousands of successful projects enables us to create a one-of-a-kind project experience. Just like our business, our employees stick around too. WLC employees have worked for the company an average of 12 years each.

Our Services

WLC Engineering and Surveying provides civil and geotechnical engineering, land surveying, materials testing, grants writing, and GIS. By providing this combination of services, WLC can take your project from an idea to a design to close out after construction. We see every project and client as a unique opportunity. This mindset allows us to work on many different projects from small lot surveys to multi-million dollar, multi-disciplinary projects.