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Mineral Resources

Wyoming’s first oil was drilled before the year 1900. WLC Engineering and Surveying has been providing oil and gas services to our clients since our inception in 1948, more than half of this time. WLC’s team is deeply familiar with the mineral extraction industry and Wyoming statutes that govern these fields. As Wyoming residents, we understand the benefits of the energy industry to our state and support the development of new and revitalized opportunities through a variety of professional services.

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  • Development & Revitalization of Historic Oil Fields
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • PLSS Boundary Surveys & Site Control
  • Pipeline Corridors & Compressor Site Location Determination
  • Well Staking
  • Full Exhibits For Agency Review
  • Pad Layout Staking & Volume Calculations
  • Access Road Design & Exhibits
  • Pipeline Routing & Bridging Staking
  • As-Builts Of Site Features, Pipelines, Compressor Stations & Power Lines
  • BLM Roadway Design & Access


  • Infrastructure Design
  • Construction Observation
  • Materials Testing
  • Design & Implementation
  • Materials Testing


  • Field Data Collection For Asset Inventories
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Corridor Siting Analysis
  • Specialized Environmental, Land Use, & Zoning Analysis
  • Data Management & Mapping Services
  • GIS Software Instruction