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Wyoming Civil Engineers Influence Local Communities

It’s often said that that to truly know an area is to live there. Wyoming is a place like no other. Its’ rural environment presents vast opportunities and numerous challenges that are not always easily understood if you’re used to living and working in a metropolitan community. Having been founded in Wyoming nearly 72 years ago, WLC deeply understands this state and the influence Wyoming civil engineers can have on the local communities it serves.

Here are just some of the ways our Wyoming civil engineers influence our communities:

Infrastructure Improvements

Understanding Wyoming’s unique weather conditions and environmental factors is critical when providing civil engineering services. In Wyoming, our ever- changing weather conditions mean infrastructure improvements are often required. Civil engineers play a critical role in road repairs following our long winters, drainage improvements following spring run-off, and many restoration and upgrade projects in-between. WLC works closely with many municipalities on infrastructure projects addressing a few of Wyoming’s top concerns: roads and water.

For example, WLC recently provided civil engineering services on the reconstruction of 3rd Ave. in Mills, The City of Casper’s waterline improvements from Coates Road to Wolf Creek Road, and the Wyoming Medical Center West Tower and MRI Building in Casper, improving infrastructure for Wyomingites and residents throughout the area.

Local Services & Amenities

To live in Wyoming is to love Wyoming. Appreciating its’ unique nature means seizing its’ opportunities and sometimes adjusting to its’ limitations. As a civil engineer, Wyoming’s open spaces present ample room to design and execute local services and amenities that make living in Wyoming’s rural communities a major bonus. Wyoming civil engineers work closely with local communities to understand their greatest needs as well as opportunities to improve residents’ quality of life. As Town Engineer for the Town of Mills and the Town of Evansville, WLC is deeply familiar with the communities we serve; consulting on community-focused projects, as well as residential and commercial development to enhance the local area.

For example, WLC’s civil engineers recently completed the following projects for local communities to enjoy and utilize: Soccer field for the Carbon County School District (CCSD), Carbon County Youth Crisis Center addition, and the Rotary Park Pathway design and construction in Casper, among many others.  These projects make living in this state more enjoyable and an important part of building communities.

Contact WLC today to experience working with Wyoming Civil Engineers, who not only live and work in Wyoming but has a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities this state provides.