Rawlins Soccer Field Design Options & Civil Engineering

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Soccer Field Design – Civil Engineering


Rawlins, Wyoming

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Civil Engineering, Land Surveying & Construction Contract Administration


Carbon County School District No. 1

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In 2017, the west side of the existing building was demolished, and a new portion of the Rawlins High School was completed leaving a large portion of the site unused. The Carbon County School District (CCSD) hired WLC to prepare several different options for developing the area into a competition size soccer field. The options considered included multiple layouts and orientations, surfacing materials, and spectator areas. The CCSD selected a 210’X330’ field, oriented North-South, with a natural turf surfacing and spectator seating on the West and East sides of the field. The South end of the field required a short retaining wall to preserve the existing mature trees. Trench drains on either side of the field convey runoff from the field to an existing storm sewer system. This field will be a great addition to the Rawlins High School campus providing additional facilities for the school and the community.

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