A Year in Review: WLC Projects

A Year in Review: WLC Projects

wlc projects

As we reflect on all things 2021, we can’t help but recollect all the projects WLC took part in throughout the year. Each project we take on is completed to our best ability and to the highest standards for our clients. WLC is proud of every project we take part in. Here are a few projects we were excited to be a part of this year.

Natrona County High School Pool

WLC teamed up with RB+B Architects and Sampson Construction to design and build the Natrona County High School Pool. For this project, we relied on our previous NCHS experience and record drawings for accurate base drawings for design. WLC services, for the 18,000 square foot pool, included preliminary survey, grading, drainage, and sanitary sewer system design.

Nolan Development

The Nolan Development presented WLC the exciting opportunity to be a part of this downtown Casper renovation. The project consists of the development of 10 new residential townhomes and the renovation of the existing Nolan Chevrolet Building which will house Black Tooth Brewery. WLC’s services included construction contract administration, periodic site observation, and civil engineering.

Casper College Visual Arts Building

This year WLC was excited to begin working with the architect for the new Casper College Visual Arts Building in Casper, WY. This project aims to bring a modern touch to the Casper College campus. WLC services for this project included surveying, civil design engineering, and construction contract administration. Throughout the remainder of the project, WLC will assist the architect and owner with construction administration.

Morad Park to Mountain Plaza Shopping Center

As a Casper-based firm, WLC truly values the incredible pathway system around our community. Therefore, we were thrilled to work with Platte River Trails Trust to bring a new connection of pathway to westside Casper, WY. The Morad Park to Mountain Plaza Shopping Center pathway opened to the community in September for non-motorized transportation. WLC played an integral part of this project as the civil engineer providing pathway design, land surveying, and construction contract administration.

Evansville Secondary Access Road

As the Town Engineer for Evansville, WY., WLC had been working in pursuit of a secondary access road to the town for many years. The town received permission after much discussion and consideration. In 2021, WLC completed the Evansville Secondary Access Road project and provided easement coordination, grants writing, permitting, design, survey, and construction contract administration

Alcova Reservoir Road Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements

This year, WLC completed road resurfacing and drainage improvements for Alcova Reservoir roadways. The project included Rocky Shore Road and Bungalow Road which service several cabin sites, Black Beach Road and campground, and Cottonwood Creek Road and campground. We were excited to bring better access to properties and camping sites in the area while also mitigating runoff deterioration on driving surfaces.

WLC takes pride in each project we are a part of. This is just a small list of projects we were honored to assist with in 2021. Overall, last year offered great opportunities and we are eager to see what 2022 will have in store. For more information on our work, you can visit each project portfolio, visit our news page for developing projects, and reach out if our team can assist with your project in any way.