Casper College Visual Arts Building Well Under Way

Casper College Visual Arts Building Well Under Way

casper college visual arts building construction side view

Construction is underway on the new Casper College Visual Arts Building. This building will bring a modern addition better suited for the Visual Arts Department and its students. Working with the architect, WLC is performing the survey, civil design, and construction administration of the new site. This includes utilities, surfacing, and grading. Specifically, WLC’s role at this time, and throughout the remaining duration of the project, is assisting the Architect and Owner with construction administration. This includes submittal reviews, periodic site observation of civil items such as utilities and surfacing, and responding to questions relating to the civil plans.

During construction of the new building, the existing Visual Arts building must remain in operation for the current school year. However, a small wing of the current building has been removed. This removal accommodates the construction of the new site north of the current building. A memorial tree grove, north of the construction site, will also remain to ensure all trees are unharmed.

GH Phipps is the general contractor for the new Visual Arts Building. At this time, work is underway on the building foundation. Additionally, work is underway on rerouting a storm drain that is 42 inches in diameter and in the location of the new building.

Completion of the project should happen in summer 2022 before the fall 2022 semester begins.