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WLC’s Casper Office to Kick Off a Busy Summer

WLC’s Casper Office to Kick Off a Busy Summer

With many projects out of our Casper office on the horizon, ranging from street improvements and waterline replacements, to pathway design and construction, plus various civil engineering design services, WLC is excited to kick off a busy summer.

WLC Engineering and Surveying was recently awarded the City of Casper’s Ridgecrest Zone 2 & 3 Waterline Replacements Project. With an estimated completion date of August 2021, WLC’s Casper team will be providing civil engineering design and construction administration services for the replacement of waterlines within Ridgecrest Drive from 39th Street to 29th Street;  Mariposa from Ridgecrest to Mariposa Court; and Lennox Street from A Street to East Yellowstone.  The project will also include select surfacing and curbwalk improvements. Read more about the additional services WLC will be providing on this project here. ­­

Another City of Casper project that will keep the WLC team busy is the Industrial Avenue Storm Sewer and Street Improvements. Our Casper team will provide storm drainage replacements, upgrades, and associated street improvements to alleviate the storm drainage deficiencies on Industrial Avenue, which runs parallel to West Yellowstone Highway and Midwest Avenue.  Overall project services include hydraulic analysis, field investigations and land surveying, as well as surface drainage and storm pipe design to reduce stormwater flooding and storm sewer system modeling. Click here to learn about the other services included in the project scope. 

WLC has also secured the City of Casper and Platte River Trails Trust Morad to Walmart Trail Project, which includes the installation of a multi-use pathway from the Platte River Trail at 2800 SW Wyoming Blvd to the intersection of CY Avenue and the Walmart Business Access Road. This project will further connect Casper’s trail system and allow trail users to travel safely throughout west-side Casper. In addition to the pathway design, WLC is providing field investigations and surveys to verify existing conditions, topographic data, existing utility locations, right-of-ways, and surface elevations. We will also look into additional pathway amenities such as benches, pathway signage or dog waste disposal facilities, to add to the functionality and enjoyment of the trail. Specific project details can be found here.  

Another ongoing summer project for the WLC Casper office is the Converse County Road & Bridge Department’s East Antelope Road Reconstruction. The project includes the reconstruction and paving of approximately 7.56 miles of the western end of East Antelope Road (County Road #52) located in Converse County. WLC is providing land surveying, design services, and construction observation and administration for the reconstruction of the road, including culverts and approaches for adjacent property owners.

Finally, if you’ve been to Casper lately, you’ve likely seen the construction of the new State Office Building on Collins Drive, across from Natrona County Highschool.  WLC is providing the civil engineering services, which include land surveying; site and infrastructure design including water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and surfacing; and construction contract administration.  The three-story structure is located on approximately 11 acres of land and includes 110,000 square feet of usable space, a parking lot, and outdoor spaces, making for a massive project that WLC is proud to be a part of.

If you’re interested in learning more about our specific services on these projects, contact WLC today. You can also view our Project Portfolio to learn about our experience on other similar projects.