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Qualifications Your Materials Testing Firm Should Have

Qualifications Your Materials Testing Firm Should Have

Materials testing refers to testing programs, investigations, and studies of concrete, soil, and asphalt in order to ensure projects are being constructed and completed as designed and to the proper specifications. In order to verify the proper materials are in place and meeting industry compaction standards, among other criteria, there are several qualifications and certifications you should look for in a civil engineering or testing firm.

Materials Testing Qualifications and Certifications

  • • Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA): QA refers to validating the reliability and consistent quality in products and services; a standard that any firm should operate under. Similarly, QC gives clients piece of mind that when they work with a qualified firm, they’re working with a team with extensive quality management training.
  • • Certified Technicians: It’s important that all testing technicians are trained and certified to perform necessary investigations on asphalt, concrete, and aggregate materials as needed for your project. Inquire about qualifications your testing technician has by asking the firm to disclose their experience and certifications. Without certified technicians you risk the integrity of your project, which can mean an extended timeline, budget overages, and unnecessary risks.
  • • ACI Certified: Civil engineering firms are often working with concrete. From street repairs to building foundations, the training your testing firm receives should be a chief factor in your decision to hire them. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) provides certification programs to ensure the highest quality concrete structures. Many local and national building codes require ACI Certified personnel on the jobsite (you can check if your state is included here). It’s important to look for the ACI certification when hiring a testing firm because it’s a clear indicator that testing will be performed correctly and meet the highest standards of quality and care.
  • • Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response training (HAZWOPER): Working with various construction materials means possible exposure to hazardous materials. By choosing a firm that has completed HAZWOPER training you can rest assured the necessary protections are in place to protect project personnel and that your project services are executed safely.

A firm that offers the above qualifications and assurances, provides superior project execution and reduces potential problems and liability for clients down the road. Protect your project by verifying the testing firm and personnel you work with are qualified to perform the appropriate services you need to get the job completed accurately and safely.

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