WLC Awarded Industrial Ave. Storm Sewer & Street Improvements Project!

WLC Awarded Industrial Ave. Storm Sewer & Street Improvements Project!

Photos of the "Industrial Avenue" street sign in Casper

WLC was recently awarded the Industrial Avenue Storm Sewer and Street Improvements Project by the City of Casper. Industrial Avenue in Casper, Wyoming,  runs parallel to West Yellowstone Highway and Midwest Avenue and has suffered significant storm drainage deficiencies. WLC will provide storm drainage replacements, upgrades, and associated street improvements to bring Industrial Avenue up to current standards.

The project specifically involves upsizing existing storm sewer piping, adding new storm sewer piping, and reconstructing surface drainage where necessary to complete the overall storm drainage system. The surrounding street connections, private property, and storm sewer pipe systems were also taken into consideration. The project is designed for the purpose of proper surface flow patterns and adequate flow capacity in the pipe system.

Overall project services include hydraulic analysis, field investigations and land surveying, as well as surface drainage and storm pipe design to reduce stormwater flooding and storm sewer system modeling. Basic street improvements throughout Industrial Avenue and project management are also included in the project scope. Additionally, WLC proposed three blocks of adjacent streets (Oak, Elm, and Ash) that could be addressed with this project.

Having completed dozens of sewer rehabilitation, drainage, and street improvement projects, many in partnership with the City of Casper, WLC is confident in our team’s qualifications and experience to complete this project and are proud to be a part of ongoing infrastructure improvements to the Old Yellowstone District in downtown Casper.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services on the Industrial Avenue Project, contact WLC today. You can  view similar, completed projects here.