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WLC’s Casper Office Awarded Ridgecrest Project

WLC’s Casper Office Awarded Ridgecrest Project

WLC Engineering and Surveying was recently awarded the City of Casper’s Ridgecrest Zone 2 & 3 Waterline Replacements Project. Scheduled for completion is estimated at October 2020, WLC’s Casper team will be providing civil engineering and design services for the replacement of waterlines within Ridgecrest Drive from 39th Street to 29th Street,  Mariposa from Ridgecrest to Mariposa Court and Lennox Street from A Street to East Yellowstone.  The project will include select surfacing and curbwalk improvements.  

The Request for Proposal specifically calls for specified roadway and surfacing improvments, including the replacement of broken and settled curbwalks and valley gutters, as well as the replacement of two Zone 2 and Zone 3 waterlines.  WLC proposed Removing and replacing the Zone 3 waterline and removing and abandoning the Zone 2 waterline in place in order to minimize resident waterline shutoffs and keep the project within budget. In addition to waterline replacement and roadway surfacing services, WLC will investigate dry utilities, provide a detailed project manual, offer advertising and bidding support, and provide overall project management throughout all phases of design.

To enhance our services, WLC is teaming up with CEPI, a local civil engineering firm and Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS), a local geotechnical engineering company. CEPI will provide their expertise to assist in completing the water modeling portion of this project. AGS will provide their expertise in completing the geotechnical investigation, as well as pipe bedding requirements to satisfy the WDEQ and road section recommendations for reconstruction of the disturbed areas of the asphalt roadways.

WLC has extensive water design experience, having provided waterline replacement and construction services on dozens of similar projects throughout Casper and the region. Recently, WLC was hired by the Town of Mills to obtain grant funding and provide engineering services to connect two dead-end waterlines on the West Belt Loop Waterline project. The completion of the waterline in 2018 brought additional fire protection to the area and also allowed residents in the Mills growth boundary to be served by Mills water. Additionally, WLC’s Casper team completed the 1st Street Rehabilitation project in 2015 and County Club Road Improvements in 2016. Both Casper projects involved upgrading the storm sewer systems, replacing the watermain, and providing road and pedestrian surfacing on both streets, among additional services.

WLC is proud to work on the Ridgecrest project, improving water accessibility and roadway conditions for area residents. Contact us to learn more about this and other projects.