Take Your Projects to the Next Level with High Definition Scanning!

Take Your Projects to the Next Level with High Definition Scanning!

colored scan image from black and white scan of substation from laser scan for power inventory

Imagine you have a renovation project that requires incredibly precise surveying, of waterpipes and electrical and mechanical systems, where an attached structure once stood? Prior to 3D high definition scanning, this task would have been extremely difficult and very time-consuming.

High definition scanners use laser technology to produce detailed, photorealistic, three-dimensional images of challenging environments and the surrounding area, measuring relationships of points, lines, angles, and other geometric properties; all in a matter of minutes. The resulting images are a collection of millions of 3D measurement points allowing engineers to see exactly what they are working with and what was previously in place.  As constructed drawings can be developed as the scanner can produce images that shows what existed simply by dimensionally analyzing pipe sizes, valves, etc.  3D high definition scanning is especially useful for as-built documentation, interior or exterior architecture survey, asset management, construction progress and monitoring, above ground infrastructure inventories, historic preservation or renovation documentation, and much more.

3D High Definition Scanning in Action

As noted, this scanning technology allows for incredibly detailed measurement and documentation; especially of complex areas with many intricacies, which proved extremely valuable during the 2011 Montessori School of Casper renovation. The school purchased an existing building in Casper’s historic Old Yellowstone District.  Prior to design, WLC’s high definition scanners collected and prepared a high accuracy/high precision 3D point cloud for the existing facility. The technology collected large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, despite many unique architectural features, overhead power lines, and other difficult to survey infrastructure. This enabled the architect to design and make modification based on the as-constructed drawings that provided an accurate picture of what existed.

3D high definition scanning is also well suited for power projects. Take for instance the Casper Community Park Power Inventory. WLC was hired by Rocky Mountain Power to provide 3D laser scanning of power poles and sag along Wyoming Boulevard for a pole inventory. We were also charged with identifying existing and potential line conflicts. With 3D high definition scanning, the client was presented with a real time, dated picture of existing field conditions and inventory as they designed alternate routes and structure criteria resulting in enhanced service to the community.

Another project where 3D high definition scanning proved extremely useful, was the Kelly Walsh High School Auditorium. During the renovation of the large vaulted space, it was imperative to acquire an accurate model of existing duct work and structural components to avoid conflicts with new mechanical systems. The detailed scan allowed contractors to pre-fabricate ducting to fit seamlessly amongst the convoluted truss design of the open-beamed ceiling.  The real time dated inventory of existing conditions enabled engineers to design improvements specific to actual and existing facilities, saving time retrofitting the ceiling components.

Additionally, the FCCU 3D Laser scan was a project completed on a multi-story heavy industrial facility located at the Sinclair Wyoming Refining company.  The precision scan data was utilized to create a detailed model of both structural building members and process piping.  This data was then utilized for the facility renovation and received the Wyoming Engineering Society Presidential Project Award for 2015.

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