WLC Awarded Westridge Improvements Project

WLC Awarded Westridge Improvements Project

WLC will be the Civil Engineer for the Westridge Improvements Project after being awarded the project late last year. WLC has extensive expertise in this area and we are confident our team will execute this project to the City’s standards.

To begin the project, WLC will focus on one of the critical components which is the successful formation of the Local Assessment District (LAD) to fund the costs of the new sidewalk installation. WLC is very familiar with the formation and management of LADs as we were heavily involved in the formation of the LAD for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Ft. Casper Improvements Projects

WLC will then approach this project in phases with Phase 1 consisting of roadway, sidewalk, and water and sewer improvements within Westridge Circle, Westridge Terrace, and Westridge Drive. Phase 1 improvements will include civil design, permitting, and contract administration with construction set to be completed by October 2024.

Phase 2 improvements will consist of roadway, sidewalk, and water system improvements within Westridge Way, Westridge Place, Westridge Court, and Westridge Lane. Additionally, Phase 2 improvements will include civil design and permitting services.

WLC will also be teaming up with Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS), a geotechnical engineering company, for this project. AGS will provide their expertise in completing the geotechnical investigation as well as provide pipe bedding requirements to satisfy the WDEQ and road section recommendations for reconstruction of the Westridge roadways. The geotechnical investigation will include subsurface exploration, geotechnical analysis, and a detailed report of the findings for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project.

We are excited to share that this project is currently underway. WLC is grateful for the award of this project and is excited to work with the City of Casper once again and continue to build a strong relationship with this client. As a regular WLC client, the City of Casper also hired WLC for several projects in the past including, most recently, the City of Casper Ridgecrest Waterline, Industrial Avenue Improvements Project, Derington Addition Watermain Replacements Project, and County Club Road Improvements Project.