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Ridgecrest Zone II & III Waterline Replacement

WLC Engineering and Surveying was hired by the City of Casper, Wyoming to design and replace approximately 3,375 LF of 8” PVC, 5,210 LF of 12” PVC and 670 LF of 16” PVC of aging waterline along Ridgecrest Drive, Mariposa Boulevard and North Lennox Street in Casper, WY. As part of this project, WLC also replaced 1,540 LF of curbwalk as well as 9,970 SY of asphalt roadway along Ridgecrest Drive and Mariposa Boulevard. WLC services included civil engineering design, land surveying, and construction contract administration. This project allowed WLC to use their civil engineering design experience by analyzing existing waterline capacity and upsizing some replacements in specific areas to maximize water flow. Additionally, sections of asphalt were reconstructed with better subgrades allowing a longer lifespan for the asphalt. WLC worked with the contractor to ensure a 10’ separation from sewer lines was maintained throughout the project. This challenge was mitigated by fitting the existing waterline in a single trench to allow for more efficient installation while maintaining proper separation. WLC and the contractor also kept the new and existing waterline in place through the duration of the project in order to ensure residents had continual service. Along with the waterline replacement, a Resident Communication Plan was created for the project which the City of Casper will use on upcoming projects. Overall, this project was completed on time and under budget.