Natrona County High School Addition

Type of Project


Casper, Wyoming

Primary Service

Civil Engineering; Land Surveying


Bassetti Architects

Client Type

Design Group

Completed Year

Scheduled for Completion 2018

WLC was hired by Bassetti Architects to provide civil engineering services for the Natrona County High School (NCHS) expansion and rehabilitation. The original 1927 building is being remodeled while the remainder of the existing building is being demolished and rebuilt. A new 80,000 SF Student Fitness and Activities Center is located at the corner of Oak Street and Collins Drive. This facility is housing temporary class space during construction. Upon completion, it will transform into the physical education space having several courts and a track. Elm Street, Oak Street, 8th Street, and numerous alleys cross the campus were closed or modified as part of this project. WLC is charged with collecting the necessary signatures for vacating these public right-of-ways. Vacating these right-of-ways requires relocation of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, above and below ground power, gas, and communication lines. WLC either designed the relocated utilities or coordinated the relocation. We also provided the easement exhibits and legal descriptions for all of the utilities. WLC also prepared the site grading and drainage system design. The campus expanded to the west where the NCSD purchased properties between Oak and Spruce Streets and Collins Drive and CY Avenue. Increasing the impermeable surface area required that a storm water detention area be established. With a limited area and the need for as many parking spaces as possible, WLC opted to design an underground storm water detention facility. This facility is design to store 5,300 cubic-feet CF of excess runoff. The storage capacity is provided by a manifold of 36” RCP pipes and an 18” outlet to the public storm sewer system in Oak Street.

What our clients are saying

“WLC has always provided us with top-notch professional services. The employees provide esponsive, knowledgeable, and friendly service.”
—Joe Dill, Former Mayor