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Mills Sanitary Sewer Study

WLC was hired by the City of Mills, Wyoming to perform a sanitary sewer study. The study was performed throughout the entire city. During the project, WLC gathered all manhole rim and invert elevations as well as data on the existing sanitary sewer system. This data was used to build a sewer model in conjunction with the City’s water records. The model was then utilized to examine current water flows and capacity for future growth. The study allowed WLC to make recommendations on several items needing immediate attention. WLC ensured all areas in need of urgent and immediate attention received repairs, while remaining under budget. After the repairs had been made, it was noted that Mills’ sewer system operated within capacity with no areas of concern. WLC incorporated the sewer model data into the City’s GIS system. The updated data allows City staff to quickly locate any manhole in question or respond to questions regarding the components or capacity of the system. WLC’s primary service included civil engineering design. The project was completed on time and within budget.