Jackalope Gas Plant 115kV Transmission Line Survey

Type of Project

Gas Plant Transmission Line Survey


Converse County, WY 

Primary Service

Land Surveying



Client Type


Completed Year


In 2014, WLC provided survey and drafting services to several clients for routing, right-of-way acquisition, design, and construction of 20 miles of new 115kV transmission line, a new substation, and a new switchyard. With 25 surface owners and a tight schedule, starting in mid-winter, the project required constant coordination with the owner, client, engineers, landmen, right-of-way agents, and contractors. In total, more than 60 individual exhibits and descriptions were required for right-of-way acquisition.

What our clients are saying

“WLC has always provided us with top-notch professional services. The employees provide esponsive, knowledgeable, and friendly service.”
—Joe Dill, Former Mayor