Conditional Use Permit Application for Utility Scale Solar Farm

Type of Project

Conditional Use Permit


Natrona County, WY 

Primary Service

Civil Engineering Design, Land Surveying 


Dinosolar, LLC

Client Type

Renewable Energy

Completed Year


Dinosolar, LLC has proposed a Utility Scale Solar Farm within Natrona County, Wyoming. In Natrona County, Utility Scale Solar Projects are required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit as an early step in the process. WLC assisted Dinosloar with completing specific items that are required per the recently adopted Natrona County Utility Scale Solar System Regulations. These regulations list specific items that are required to be addressed as part of the Conditional Use Permit Application (CUP). To complete the Site Management section of the Regulations, WLC addressed items such as drainage impacts to upstream or downstream properties, soil erosion concerns, dust control issues, and damage to existing vegetation and revegetation of disturbed areas. WLC also prepared detailed reports as required by the CUP including a Waste Management Plan, Traffic Impact Study and Transportation Plan, Soils Mitigation Plan and a Drainage Plan. Additionally, WLC prepared large site drawings showing the proposed project. These drawings included items such as existing and proposed drainage patterns, site access roads, proposed fencing, property ownership and ownership boundaries, the proposed lease boundary for the project, existing and proposed power lines, as well as the conceptual solar array arrangement. With the assistance of WLC and a large team of other professionals, Dinosolar was able to obtain approval of the Conditional Use Permit by the Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the Natrona County Commissioners. We look forward to working with Dinosolar as they move forward with construction of the first Utility Scale Solar Project in Natrona County.

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