Bridle Trail Design and Re-Route

Type of Project

Trail Design


Casper, Wyoming

Primary Service

Civil Engineering Design, Land Surveying, Construction Contract Administration


Natrona County

Client Type


Completed Year


WLC was hired by Natrona County for trail design and to re-route a portion of the Bridle Trail on Casper Mountain. The new trail design required WLC to connect two portions of the trail while maintaining diversion of private property from trail users on an older portion of the trail. WLC surveyed and designed approximately 1,100’ of new trail. Working on mountain terrain can be difficult. WLC was presented with some challenges during the project. The terrain in which the trail was to be connected to the two locations was very steep. Approximately 200’ of vertical elevation had to be covered with only about 1,100 horizontal feet. This challenge presented little options, so a route had to be chosen to manage the grades as much as possible. WLC overcame the steep grades by constructing switchbacks in the hillside along with retaining walls and handrails. WLC also provided an alternate route for trail users to enjoy the entire trail without trespassing on private property along the older part of the trail. Overall services provided by WLC for this project included civil engineering design, land surveying and construction contract administration. The project was completed on time and within budget.

What our clients are saying

“WLC has always provided us with top-notch professional services. The employees provide esponsive, knowledgeable, and friendly service.”
—Joe Dill, Former Mayor