Bolton Creek Crossing Replacement

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Natrona County, Wyoming

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Civil Engineering


Natrona County Road & Bridge

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The Bolton creek watershed is located in central Natrona County and extends from Bear Mountain on the south and ends at its confluence with the North Platte River near Government Bridge on WYO HWY 220. This watershed, consisting of sagebrush covered rangeland, was identified as a candidate for restoration efforts by several state and federal range management agencies. As part of the restoration effort, a new crossing structure was proposed under the Bolton Creek Road (CR 404) approximately 0.3 miles above the confluence with the North Platte River. The crossing structure was a collaborative effort between Natrona County and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM provided the materials and the County installed the structure. The structure consisted of a 12’ span bottomless, structural plate arch. Natrona County Road and Bridge contracted with WLC to assist them with crossing structure. WLC provided recommendations for arch foundations, backfill requirements, and set the final road grade above the crossings. We worked with County to provide an easily constructed solution.

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