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Bar Nunn Industrial Center

WLC was hired by a local developer and the Town of Bar Nunn to administer a $3 million Wyoming Business Council (WBC) Business Committed Grant to develop the 170-acre Bar Nunn Industrial Center. After preparing the plat for the Center consisting of five lots ranging from 25 to 49 acres, WLC provided the civil engineering design and surveying services for the project that included the installation asphalt and concrete paved roadways, sewer main, a sanitary sewer lift station, numerous connections to an existing water main for water service and fire protection, and storm sewer system. WLC also developed the overall drainage plan and design consisting of several large detention facilities to mitigate runoff from the site and surrounding area. Upon design completion, WLC performed the contract and construction administration services. This project required coordination with several entities including the Town of Bar Nunn, WYDEQ, Wardwell Water and Sewer District, WYDOT, and the Central Wyoming Regional Water Board. WLC also provided grant administration services for the Town of Bar Nunn including all necessary record keeping required by the WBC, preparation of drawdown requests for submittal to the WBC, and preparation and submittal of the quarterly reports.