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33 Mile & Poison Spider Roads Reconstruction

WLC Engineering, Surveying & Planning was hired to provide design and construction services for the resurfacing of approximately five miles of 33 Mile Road and five miles Poison Spider road. WLC extensively evaluated the existing surfacing of both roadways to determine the best solution to rehabilitate the roadway section. This evaluation led to two completely different solutions for each roadway. WLC combined the two, separate rehabilitations in one bid package. A single contractor bidding the project and phasing the improvements on both sections resulted in substantial cost savings for the owner. While evaluating the surfacing on 33 Mile Road, WLC observed significant drainage issues throughout the entire section of the roadway. Part of the reason the road was in poor shape was the lack of effective drainage combined with the expansive native subgrade. Mitigating the drainage issues and improving ditches would allow for a longer lifetime of the proposed rehabilitation.