2018 BLM Reservoir Permitting and Design for Reclamation

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Johnson, Campbell & Wyoming

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Civil Engineering


Bureau of Land Management

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This project consisted of permitting seven stock reservoirs through the Wyoming State Engineers office and preparing design plans and specifications for reclaiming the reservoirs. Some of the reservoirs were created by the Coal Bed Methane boom and some were historical reservoirs that did not provide adequate storage to be viable for reliable stock watering. Careful scheduling and coordination was critical to ensure all field survey work was completed to allow our design team to begin work on the reclamation plans while survey information was being collected to permit the reservoirs. Access to these reservoirs required travel up to three hours from the nearest paved road. WLC’s survey staff determined the most efficient method for data collection was to use unmanned aerial vehicles. This allowed quick data collection over a large area. Using this technology greatly increased our efficiency for a quick turn-around of our deliverables. In order to calculate reservoir volumes and earthwork quantities, the reservoirs were sounded by a surveyor in a float tube collecting depth using a GPS receiver. Efficient use of technology and the proficiency of our surveyors, technicians, and designers allowed WLC to provide our deliverables on time and within budget.

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