New Owners Spotlight: Matt Williams, P.E.

New Owners Spotlight: Matt Williams, P.E.

Owner Matt Williams, P.E.

As one of three new owners to join WLC’s ownership group, Matt Williams is excited, optimistic, and proud to help lead WLC and its team of professional surveyors and civil engineers. Serving as both Project Manager and Senior Engineer, Matt has been with WLC for over 16 years.

As a Professional Engineer, Matt is part of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. His expertise includes design and analysis of water and sewer systems, geotechnical investigations, coordination and project management, materials testing, and much more.

Over the years, Matt has served on hundreds of projects. Some of his favorite projects that he recalls include East Antelope Road Reconstruction for Converse County and the 33 Mile and Poison Spider Roads Reconstruction for Natrona County. Matt also enjoys serving as the City of Mills Engineer and has completed dozens of projects for them during his time at WLC.

When it came to joining WLC leadership, Matt knew he could provide his dedication and expertise. After working for WLC for nearly two decades, he knows the company and the role he is stepping into. Matt says WLC is “a great company and truly a family atmosphere.” Having the opportunity to help guide the company into the future was something he couldn’t pass up.

For the future of WLC as a company, Matt hopes to see WLC continue to provide the same level of service to all their clients, old and new, that has made WLC the longest standing engineering and surveying firm in Wyoming for 75 years.

Overall, Matt hopes to make an impact at WLC as an owner. He plans to help attract new engineers and surveyors while also leading them and laying the groundwork for them to be able to eventually lead WLC themselves.