Development Project Showcase

Development Project Showcase

Development Project Showcase

WLC – 8/3/23

A successful land development starts with understanding the multiple components these projects encompass whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or mixed-use purpose. From the initial survey, platting and engineering design, to construction observation and contract administration, our team helps bring a project from raw land to the final vision. Check out four of WLC’s land development projects that showcase the true complexity of these developments.

Elkhorn Village Subdivision Platting and Design

WLC was hired by Blackmore Homes, LLC in 2019 to plat, design and provide construction services for Elkhorn Village, a 53-lot residential subdivision designed with larger lots, landscaped boulevards, a cul-de-sac that serves as a park, and a pedestrian pathway connecting the entire development. The development lies adjacent to Elkhorn Creek which is an area protected by a preserve easement that restricts construction between the houses and the creek. As the existing land had a 50’ vertical drop, the development was to be designed with a series of walkout basements to take into account for the differences in elevation. 

Evansville Business Park

WLC was hired by developer, South-South Property, LLC, to plat and annex 104 acres into the Town of Evansville to develop the Evansville Business Park, a 30-lot park zoned for retail and light industrial uses. WLC performed the grading and infrastructure design which  included design of the water, sanitary and storm sewer systems and roadways. Our team also prepared all bidding and contract documents and administered multiple contracts. Additional services included construction observation, materials testing, and construction survey.

Commercial Development Site for The Compass

Previously used for storm water detention, the current site of The Compass was developed for commercial and business use. Completed in 2020, WLC provided preliminary site design, cost estimates, and support during discussions with the City of Casper regarding this complex project. WLC concluded the site would require substantial retaining walls on the East side of the property and the existing storm water detention capacity had to remain on site due to existing elevation differences. The final site consisted of four building pads with a shared parking lot, now filled with local businesses.  

Multi-Lot Residential Subdivision Site Design

WLC was hired to plat, design and provide construction staking and contract administration services on a 17-lot residential townhome subdivision geared toward the senior population. All homes were designed to be low maintenance and ADA accessible. The project site was confined by existing development on all four sides making it challenging to design flat properties while maximizing the number of lots. WLC developed a grading plan to accommodate the flat slopes and meet the owners’ needs.  WLC worked with an electrical engineering subconsultant to provide Grimshaw Investments, LLC with a design for dry utility installation and city-owned streetlights. This provided the client with the full design package making the addition ready to begin construction.

While these are just a few of the many development projects WLC has assisted on, they show the true complexity and diversity that comes with these projects. Due to their unique challenges, land development projects require a great deal of expertise, which is where WLC steps in. Let our team help you get your development project off the ground. View our portfolio and contact our team to get started today.