WLC Congratulates Josh Owens on New Opportunity 

WLC Congratulates Josh Owens on New Opportunity 

josh owens

For four years, WLC has been fortunate to have Josh Owens on our Casper engineering team offering his professionalism and expertise as Materials Testing Technician and Construction Observer. With 27 years of industry experience, Josh has expertise in materials testing, soils, concrete, asphalt, and much more and has provided project observation, design observation, and materials testing knowledge on WLC projects. 

Recently, Josh accepted a new, professional opportunity with Pope Construction in Casper. WLC is thrilled for Josh and the new experience this position will offer. We know he’ll provide his skills in materials testing and construction observation for his new role as Project Manager and Estimator. 

Josh will take the lead in the Estimator role as the previous person in this position is retiring. Additionally, as Project Manager and Building Designer, Josh will be involved in projects from their initial concept through final design as well as estimating, sales, permitting, material buyout, subcontracting, and ultimately the construction of various projects. 

Josh explained, “My time at WLC provided a great experience that taught me the fundamentals of civil engineering from civil design, water, sanitary sewer and storm design, and of course materials testing. These experiences will certainly be useful in moving forward, as it has helped teach me the intricacies of site and surface design in order to ensure buildings can stand the test of time.” 

This won’t be the last that WLC sees of Josh. In his position, Josh plans on utilizing and working with WLC on future projects for surveying, storm water design and site plans, and surface development. Josh knows and understands the excellent quality control WLC applies to every project and anticipates advocating this to future clients.  

During his time at WLC, Josh recalls some of his most memorable projects he served on including the multiple school projects and the Casper Area Irrigation District Check Structure 102 project he was involved in from design through contracting, field observations and completion. Although, the experience that Josh enjoyed the most was working with WLC’s complete team of professionals during his time at WLC.   

Josh’s last day at WLC will be September 1st and his first day at Pope Construction will be September 5th. Please join the entire WLC team in wishing Josh well, thanking him for his time at WLC, and congratulating him on his new opportunity.