The Importance of Experience on Oil & Gas Surveying Projects

The Importance of Experience on Oil & Gas Surveying Projects

Picture of a man looking into surveying equipment

WLC has a tremendous amount of surveying experience; especially on complicated oil and gas projects, where proper surveying is of the utmost importance.  Deep industry and environmental knowledge, as well as work experience provides several advantages that can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

As with any project, prior technical experience means increased efficiency and accuracy. Learning a new skill or correcting an inefficient one, costs time and money. Actual on the job knowledge where technical skills have been put to the test (successfully) means project planning and execution is much more effective and accurate. Accurate surveying is crucial on any project, but especially when projects require specific spatial tolerances.

Due to the nature of oil and gas surveying projects, experience navigating the legal waters can provide a big advantage.  Complicated state and federal requirements must be taken into account during project planning and execution. Working with a firm that is familiar with and skilled at working within these parameters saves owners significant time, money, and stress.

Finally, oil and gas projects typically involve environmental factors. Experience working in the project environment allows engineers and surveyors to plan ahead and/or prepare for certain ground/material conditions as well as factors above ground (e.g. weather) that could impact the schedule and consequently the project budget.

Whether above or below ground, WLC surveyors have the necessary mathematical, technical and legal knowledge to execute any oil and gas project.  Reap the advantages of WLC’s 275 + years of combined surveying experience and contact WLC today.