WLC Awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project

WLC Awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project

Picture of East Antelope Road with fields beside it and blue sky above

WLC was recently awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project located in Converse County, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2020. The project includes the reconstruction and paving of approximately 7.56 miles of the western end of East Antelope Road (County Road #52). WLC’s team of experienced engineers and skilled, professionals are excited to complete this project for Converse County.

The first 5.9 miles of the road is currently paved before it turns to a gravel section. New pavement with a traveled surface width of 24 feet is planned to be installed on the full length of the project. The existing asphalt will be completely removed and replaced. Paved or graveled private approaches will be paved to the edge of the County right-of-way and existing culverts will also be replaced. In addition, reconstruction will include adequate drainage to prevent future saturation of the subgrade.

WLC’s specific services on this project include land surveying; a geotechnical investigation; conceptual designs, including drawings, cost estimates, and a project manual; environmental field assessments; advertising and bidding; construction management; and overall project management. Communicating and coordinating with county representatives, private and underground utilities, and property owners is a critical piece of this project.

Given that the area along the roadway is mostly rural and residential, there are many property owners that will be affected by the reconstruction of the roadway. WLC has already been successful communicating and engaging with adjacent landowners during the design process to inform them about the upcoming project, including reconstruction of existing approaches and mailboxes. Keeping everyone informed is an essential piece of any successful project, but especially on those that impact the day-to-day needs of residents.

WLC has extensive experience with road reconstruction. Most recently we completed similar projects on 33 Mile Road, Poison Spider Road in 2016, and Coates Road in 2012, all in Natrona County, Wyoming.

WLC is proud to be awarded the East Antelope Road Reconstruction Project, improving roadway conditions and drainage for residents and travelers in Converse County.  Contact WLC to learn more about this project and our complete services.