What To Look For In A Survey Company

What To Look For In A Survey Company

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Since our inception in 1948, WLC Engineering and Surveying has provided surveying services for all types of projects including residential, commercial, industrial, energy and municipal projectsLand surveying, specifically, is an important part of what we do. While there many civil engineering and surveying companies out therehere are a few important factors to consider when choosing a survey company to help you with your next project. 

First, qualifications are critical. Any land surveying company worth hiring certainly needs to employ licensed land surveyors. Beyond verifying the state licensing requirements, it’s also important to consider additional qualifications like professional certifications, advanced training, etc. A company with surveyors beyond the minimum qualifications, will likely be a company that goes above and beyond in other positive ways as well.  

Second, familiarity with your specific location is helpful. Experience in your area means surveyors are well prepared for unique conditions such as weather, the topographic environment, local rules and regulations, and other important project needs. Surveyors that are familiar with location-specific conditions will likely be much more efficient than those less familiar with your area and can better problem solve issues that often arise due to environmental and regulatory factors. 

Third, a company’s reputation is an important factor to consider. Check reviews, testimonials, and the company’s track record. Beyond their project completion rate, be sure to check out their values and business practices to ensure they align with your own values and project goalsAwards can also show you a company’s reputation and can give you insight into their competency.  

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