Top 3 Reasons You’ll Need a Property Survey in Wyoming

Top 3 Reasons You’ll Need a Property Survey in Wyoming

Image of a white fence on a property line

Buying a home or property of any kind, is one of the biggest purchases a person can make. While there are many steps along the way to ownership, an important step to consider is a property survey. Keep reading to learn what a property survey is and the top 3 reasons you’ll need a property survey in Wyoming.

A property survey ensures you know the true size, boundaries, and location of the land you’re purchasing. It can also show you the improvements on the land, easements/access to the property, and right-of-way as its described and that legal access is available. However, while not always legally required, a property survey, conducted by a qualified/licensed land surveyor, is important to consider for 3 reasons:

  1. Knowing your boundaries protects you legally. Believe it or not, houses and other structures have been built on the wrong lot or too close to lot lines, leaving homeowners in a very unfortunate situation. Without a legitimate property survey, you may not even realize part of your property is in fact your neighbor’s or you could learn (too late) that you don’t have access to a section of your property you thought you purchased. Property surveys mitigate ownership issues from the start, ensuring the property you purchase is in fact what you intended, saving you legal heartache and peace of mind.
  1. Information is power. An important part of property ownership is your rights and easements. After purchase, you may own your new- home and its surrounding land, but someone else could have a right to use a portion of your property, such as a road. As mentioned above, a property survey will show all property lines and physical evidence of the rights of others to use your property for access, parking, utilities, and other situations. Knowing the ins and outs of your property will inform your expectations and help you determine what can and can’t take plan on your property as related to your usage and others’.
  2. Shapes current and future plans. Many residential lots and developments have building restrictions or setbacks, which prohibit building anything within a certain distance from the boundary lines. If you are considering building an addition down the road, want to add an access point (like a driveway) or outbuilding, a survey will help you decide if the property is right for your current plans as well as your future goals.

One of the most important steps when purchasing a property is acquiring all possible information about the property. A property survey can ensure you’re well informed before the closing documents are signed.

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