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Does Hiring a “Civil Engineer Near Me” Really Matter?

The ultimate goal when hiring a good civil engineering firm is to make sure that your construction project is planned, designed, managed, and executed properly to obtain a functional, quality, safe result. But does it matter if you hire a “civil engineer near me”? When hiring a civil engineer, it is less about their location and more about their qualifications, licensure, and experience. A few things to keep in mind will help you determine which firm is the right one for your job.



Working with a good civil engineer means that you are working with someone who has put in the work to obtain the education needed to design, build, and oversee infrastructure projects and systems. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is a general starting point for civil engineers to begin providing services within a firm. From there, the levels of expertise and knowledge base only grow. Obtaining licensure and specialized certifications allow a civil engineer to work on a wide range of infrastructure projects for both public and private sectors. A licensed engineer is called a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and must be licensed through the state he or she will be providing services in and can take the P.E. exam to become licensed. Prior to sitting for the exam, the engineer must work under the direct supervision of a licensed engineer for 4 years.  Before hiring a civil engineer or civil engineering firm, ask about their qualifications to ensure your job will be done correctly.


Aside from the educational qualifications to become a civil engineer, an engineer’s experience will speak volumes when it comes to finding the right person or firm for the job. The experience of the engineer should not be dependent on their location. For example, an engineer could get an education in Oregon, but then take the Wyoming P.E. exam and become licensed in Wyoming. Take some time to research the company you are considering. A quick review of past work will give you an idea of what their future work looks like. Additionally, any reviews or references will speak to the integrity and reputation of the company, so don’t be afraid to seek those out.

Knowledge of Area

When you are searching for a “civil engineer near me,” you are likely using this search term to filter out any civil engineers or civil engineering firms that may be unfamiliar with the area of your new project. While much of the knowledge civil engineers hold can be used in any geographic location, there is peace of mind knowing that your civil engineer is familiar with the area, climate, and community in order to develop and execute a design that will integrate seamlessly with the area and follows all specifications and requirements.


Typically, because much of the engineer’s job is designing the project on the computer, their location is not a top priority. A quick trip or two to the jobsite or to meet with you in person may the only reasons a civil engineer would need to travel during the life of the project.


Hiring a civil engineer near you may seem like the best thing to do, and while a quick Google search for “civil engineer near me” can be a helpful starting point in your search, don’t let the search engine do all the work. Taking the time up front to ensure the firm or engineer you are interested in is properly licensed, has experience, and their values line up with those of your own business will save a lot of time and money prior to the start of your project. Above all, ensure the civil engineer you select is licensed in your state, experienced, and clear in their scope.

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