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What to Know About Grants Writing

Imagine that you are ready to begin a well-planned, highly anticipated project. You’ve got bold ideas and the location, general design, and team all figured out. The next step is to start putting everything motion, but you don’t have the funding. Where will you start? Aside from the funding coming from private investors, loans, or any other businesses involved with the project, you may be finding it difficult to secure the amount needed to execute the project properly. Hiring a team of experts to help you identify and apply for available grants can be of great benefit to you.

 Who Should I Hire to Apply for a Grant?

You may be able to muddle through the grant application process, but choosing to hire someone to facilitate any grants writing will give you access to a person or team well-versed in the process, criteria, and format of a variety of grant applications. Experience is key when looking for the person or team that will be taking this task on for you. Not only will a grants writer understand which grants are applicable to your project and how to successfully apply for grants but also how it relates to your civil engineering project.

What Will a Grant Do for My Project?

Obtaining a grant for your project will definitely help you with the funding aspect of your project so you can see your vision come to fruition. Grant monies can range from small amounts to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of your project and the type of services that will be provided. Another benefit of utilizing a grant? Post-project reports from your project can open up similar grants for future projects or other companies that have projects like yours making more monies available for the entire industry.

When Should the Grants Writing Process Begin?

Securing the funding needed through grants can take some time so get started on this step immediately. There can be several phases depending on the grant and you won’t be able to begin work without the final awarding of the grant. As soon as you have your project in mind, you should meet with a grants writing professional to lay out all the details so they can begin the grants writing process.

Where Do the Grants Come From?

There are numerous funding resources utilized when applying for a grant. Federal, state, and local entities will all provide a variety of grants appropriate for projects of all types. Here are some of the resources WLC frequently taps into:

  • Wyoming Business Council
  • State Loan and Investment Board
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Wyoming Water Development Commission
  • Safe Routes to School Program
  • Wyoming Community Development Authority
  • United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Equality

Why Should I Hire Someone to Write My Grant Application?

Hiring an expert in grants writing means you are hiring someone especially skilled at identifying appropriate and realistic funding sources for a specific project and executing a plan to secure the financing. These individuals are very knowledgeable about funding opportunities available at local, state and federal levels. Additionally, the process of applying for a grant can be quite complex. As grant regulations change, a grants writer will be able to navigate this with ease so that your application will remain in compliance with the requirements of the grant.

Since 1979, WLC Engineering and Surveying has developed a strong tradition of successful grants writing as well as administering the grant to ensure all guidelines met from the start of the project to completion. Reach out to our team to learn more about grant writing and other grant and loan administration opportunities.