ARPA Grants Awarded After WLC Provides Grant Writing Services

ARPA Grants Awarded After WLC Provides Grant Writing Services

WLC is excited to share our team provided grant writing assistance that resulted in the award of ARPA Grants for two of our clients. The projects for the Town of Evansville and the Town of Midwest, on behalf of the Salt Creek Joint Powers Board (SCJPB), will be underway this spring. Both grants have been awarded through Wyoming’s State Loan and Investment Board. In addition, WLC will also be providing professional civil engineering and land surveying services on these projects.


The ARPA Grant funding will allow the Town of Evansville to complete the Emergency Water Connection Project. This project will help complete the partially constructed, but not yet finished, connection between the Town of Evansville’s water system and the City of Casper’s water supply. This project has been anticipated since the Evansville Water Master Plan in 2009. The Emergency Connection project consists of a pipeline between Evansville and Casper’s water systems as well as an addition of a chlorination system. This system will allow water from Casper to be safely used in the Evansville water system.

The purpose of the Emergency Connection project is to provide an alternative water source in the event of an emergency in which Evansville’s Water Treatment Plant is unavailable. WLC assisted in securing approximately $508,000 of funding for this project with grant writing services.


The second project funded by the ARPA Grant is for the Town of Midwest to administer the Waterline Replacement Project on behalf of the SCJPB. This project consists of replacing seven miles of failing waterline with new 8” waterline. The need for the waterline replacement was assessed in 2020 after a water system study was conducted. The Town of Midwest relies on a 45-mile pipeline from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System located in Casper. The waterline is owned and operated by the SCJPB and has 38 miles of waterline that is currently in good condition and performs well.

Sections of this waterline have failed many times over the last three years, and as the only source of water, the two communities depending on the SCJPB waterline are greatly impacted by failures. WLC assisted in securing approximately $3.08 million which is one-third of the estimated cost to replace the seven miles of failing waterline. The other two-thirds of funding have been granted by the Water Development Commission.

WLC’s anticipated services for these two projects include civil engineering design, land surveying, and construction contract administration. We are proud to help secure these grants for Wyoming communities and to help support quality of life and water security. Be sure to follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates on these projects and check out our grant writing and administration services for your next project.