Wyoming Surveyors Unique Experiences

Wyoming Surveyors Unique Experiences

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Wyoming was the first state to require licenses for engineers and surveyors in 1907. The state was vast, rural, and largely underdeveloped at the time, allowing these professionals to work lawlessly. To this day, Wyoming surveyors are still working within the vast and rural conditions of Wyoming (but are now licensed of course). Below are some of the reasons why their experiences surveying in Wyoming are so unique.


As with anything in Wyoming, land surveying is affected and highly dependent on weather conditions. The temperamental weather presents challenges for land surveyors as their job requires time spent outdoors. Wyoming surveyors must prepare, be equipped, and ready for dramatic weather changes such as snow squalls, high winds, thunderstorms, and extreme heat. Wyoming is unlike other many other states in this aspect. It is common to see snow in early summer and 75+ mph winds in the winter.


The environments Wyoming surveyors work in can be mountainous, remote, beautiful, and hazardous all at the same time. While the surrounding environment might be beautiful and picture-perfect, surveyors are often working near cliff fronts, roaring rivers, and among wildlife. Sharp brush, stinging insects, a well blended in rattlesnake, and steep hillsides are just a few examples of hazards in these open spaces. These varying environments in Wyoming means you’ll never know what you might encounter in a day’s work.

Public vs Private Land

Navigating through public and private land is something Wyoming surveyors must adhere to and work with. In Wyoming, private land is sprinkled throughout public land. If necessary, surveyors must be granted access by the landowner to cross through private land to public land if the job requires to do so. Working near or around private land means the surveyor must establish accurate boundary lines. This ensures private lands are not imposed on and helps avoid any legal issues.


Wyoming’s terrain is different from one square acre to the next. From rugged and difficult terrain to vast and open landscapes, Wyoming surveyors see it all. It’s not uncommon for these surveyors to navigate through thick brush or across slick and icy ground. This job requires these surveyors to have both endurance and strength to complete some of the projects they take on in Wyoming. Whether it’s a survey of 35,000+ acre grassland and timbered slopes, or atop a snowy mountain in the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming surveyors experience unique terrain frequently.

Wyoming as a whole is a beautiful, diverse, and unique state. Surveying here can be an exciting, scary, picturesque experience. At WLC, we ensure each of our surveyors are equipped and ready for anything that might come their way. Check out these amazing surveying views in Wyoming and contact our team for your next project.

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