WLC Owner, Brad Miskimins, Provides Unrivaled Funding Expertise

WLC Owner, Brad Miskimins, Provides Unrivaled Funding Expertise

Picture of WLC Ownder and Grantsman, Brad Miskimins

Like all of WLC’s owners, Brad Miskimins wears many hats. As Funding Strategist, Grantsman, Marketing Director, Board Secretary, and Owner, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is tough to rival.

To date, Brad has tallied 31 years in the industry.  Prior to joining the company in 2006, Brad served as the manager of the grants and loan programs for the Office of State Lands and Investments’ (OSLI) for 16 years. Prior to SLIB, Brad worked for the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office.

Brad’s previous experience has given him a broad range of expertise.  However, his chief role has been as WLC’s funding consultant and grantsman.  Since joining the company, he has secured more than $39 million in grants and loans for our clients.  He is especially skilled at identifying appropriate and realistic funding sources for a specific project and executing a plan to secure the financing. One impressive example of this skillset was the Supplemental Funding Report he spearheaded for Sweetwater Transit Authority Resources (STAR) in 2017. 

Another of Brad’s most notable projects to date has been the successful record-breaking $8.4 million grant application he wrote to the SLIB for the South Torrington Water and Sewer District.  This grant paid for 100% of the cost to replace the district’s water and sewer systems as well as reconstructing the district’s roads.

On top of his impressive funding expertise, Brad has extensive experience in public infrastructure, construction projects, marketing, and writing rules for Wyoming State programs; perfectly suiting him for his role as Secretary of the WLC Board.   

Brad earned his B.S. in Geology with emphasis in Hydrology from the University of Wyoming in 1988 and a Certified Financial Planner Certificate from the College for Financial Planning in 1998. He lives in Cheyenne with his wife Marie and when he isn’t wearing one of his many WLC hats, you can find him visiting his grown son, Troy, in Washington D.C. or playing pool. orful Accent 5