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WLC Engineering & Surveying: Cheyenne Office Highlight

WLC Engineering & Surveying: Cheyenne Office Highlight

The WLC Cheyenne office focuses on identifying and coordinating funding strategy for the company’s clients, grants writing and administration, and government relations. The services offered from our Cheyenne office are vital to our company and invaluable to our clients. The office was established in 2006, when Brad Miskimins left the office of the Wyoming State Lands & Investment for a position at WLC. Brad Miskimins is the sole employee in the Cheyenne office.

The Cheyenne office handles a large portion of funding strategy, identification and implementation for WLC. As such, Mr. Miskimins is well versed on the various grant and loan programs in Wyoming as well as many federal programs. This includes understanding what projects are applicable to each grant and loan program, creating relationships with staff that manage the grants and loans, the funding cycles and requirements, grant applications and processes, and the administration needs and timelines. Mr. Miskimins then works with WLC’s engineering team to ensure grant and loan requirements and administration processes are followed. As a result of this process and expertise, the Cheyenne office has secured more than $39 million in grants and loans for WLC clients since 2006. 

The work performed in our Cheyenne office offers municipal clients opportunities to complete critical infrastructure improvements and other project in a cost effective manner. This is a vital need as municipal budgets have more constraints than ever and funds must be maximized.

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