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What to Look For When Hiring a Civil Engineering Firm

What to Look For When Hiring a Civil Engineering Firm

You have a big development or rehabilitation project on the horizon. Do you know where to start? If there’s new or existing infrastructure design or improvements, who do you approach and what should you consider? No matter the size of the project, civil engineering firms can provide a range of benefits that make hiring them worth it.

Civil engineering firms are often used for planning, designing, managing and executing projects. What an experienced firm brings to the table is the ability to listen to and understand the client’s vision in the very beginning.  After understanding the clients vision the ability to provide strong project management, technical expertise, and oversight of the entire process, from initial consultation, to planning and designing, surveying and construction management.

With an array of choices out there, here a few important considerations as you look for a firm to execute a successful project.    

Experience & Accreditation

Your first step when researching civil engineering firms is to be sure they have the necessary licenses issued by the appropriate government agencies.  You also want to research the firm’s past projects, especially as they relate to the type of project you’re planning.  Plenty of firms have impressive track records, but it’s crucial you select a firm that has the right experience and skills sets for your specific project.

Project Management

Most civil engineering firms begin by identifying a project manager. The project manager is your main point of contact, monitoring internal tasks and managing the overall scope, schedule, and budget of the project. When you’re looking to hire a firm, it’s important to learn about their project management experience as well as the specific employees’ background. The firm’s project management process is also important to understand. How do they manage a schedule and budget? How often will you receive updates on your project? How will scope changes, as a result of your request or an unforeseen situation, impact the budget, schedule and overall project? You want to be sure that their experience and process fits with your project goals. 

Compliance & Specifications

Unless you’re well-versed in municipal code, state regulations, and the like, you will benefit by hiring a firm that has the industry, local and state knowledge to ensure your project is compliant and within specifications, saving you time and money.

Range of Services

No matter how well you plan, construction projects inevitably bring surprises. Selecting a firm with a range of services, such as land surveying, materials testing, high definition scanning, GIS mapping, grant writing, etc. will expedite your project and minimize your fees Knowing that no matter what pops up, your firm has the service experience to keep you on schedule and on budget will also give you piece of mind.

While there are certainly other considerations, considering these items will give you a good start and we hope they inevitably lead you to WLC Engineering and Surveying. To learn more about how WLC Engineering and Surveying can help you with your next project, contact us today!

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