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32 years and counting, Greg Biggs Corporate Treasurer and Owner

32 years and counting, Greg Biggs Corporate Treasurer and Owner

Greg Biggs, WLC Corporate Treasurer and Owner, has tallied 34 years in the industry, 32 of which have been with WLC. With such an extensive career, Greg’s knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to WLC.

Greg holds a B.S. of Business in Finance from Montana State University, an A.S. in Business from Casper College. Further continuing education classes broadened his resume, allowing him to be proficiant in all areas of business office management.  Greg often says, “If I had my way, WLC would probably have no Client’s and if the other owner’s had their way, WLC would have no money, so there is a wonderful balance.”  He knows client relationships are critical to corporate longevity so he’s grateful that at WLC, Project Managers have more of a say on what goes out on an invoice than he does as Treasurer because it’s not all about the money; it’s about making our world better, one project at a time.  

However, Greg’s expertise goes beyond business and finance. He is also experienced in land and construction surveying, including monitoring of various sized projects. Prior to obtaining his degrees in finance and business, Greg worked as an Engineering Technician and survey crew member with WLC. This knowledge contributes to his proficiency with AutoCAD drafting of property surveys, subdivision plats, topographic and quantity surveys, plans, profiles, and construction drawings. He also has materials testing experience and is a radiation safety officer for WLC’s nuclear moisture density gauges and is the chief safety officer for WLC.

Originally from Casper, Greg resides with his wife Damara (Rae) and sons John and Alex. When he isn’t managing WLC’s finances, you can find him doing home improvement projects or working on cars.  A desire to be involved in our Casper community led Greg to serve on the board of Nutrition and Child Development. Furthermore, as President the last four years with the Central Wyoming Corvettes (a Wyoming non-profit) he gets to enjoy his passion while providing support for other Wyoming non-profit organizations.  He is very proud that Central Wyoming Corvettes has given several thousand dollars back to local charities in the past few years. 

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