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Thinking Big in Small Communities

Much of WLC’s service areas are dotted with small and rural communities. Providing the same quality service to each community is in an integral part of WLC’s values and mission. Each project, no matter the size or scope, is as important to WLC as it is to our clients. Our civil engineering experience and expertise helps to provide the safest, most effective solutions to any project, regardless of the size of the community. How do we do this? Read on to get a glimpse of how we get innovative to provide the best results for each client.


Funding/Grants Writing Services

Sometimes the hardest part of a project is getting the funding to get it off the ground. WLC works closely with our clients to ensure that specific goals are met in the planning and funding phase. Our team is well versed in grant writing (since 1979), so writing a successful grant and administering it, once approved, is second nature. We have the insight into specific grants for which our clients could qualify depending on the type of project. For instance, to promote growth and sustainability, smaller, rural communities are often eligible for funds not available to larger communities. WLC’s strategic approach to funding, vast resources, and grants writing experience means we can help our clients secure and manage the funding needed to complete their projects.


Quality is Key

As mentioned above, quality does not need to be sacrificed even if the community is in an area with limited resources. WLC’s team works hard to execute each project with integrity, and this means never sacrificing quality. While many small communities face similar challenges with their infrastructure as larger cities do, their needs are not always addressed accordingly. We see every project and client as a unique opportunity. This approach allows us to work on many different projects, from small lot surveys for the private landowner to multi-million-dollar, multi-disciplinary projects for private or public organizations. We don’t have a one-size fits all model and we don’t turn away clients if they don’t meet specific criteria.


Community Amenities

While we utilize and rely on knowledge and experience from thousands of successfully completed projects, we understand your project won’t look exactly like other projects we have completed. This rings true for community amenities. Small communities have a great opportunity to focus on and refine the amenities within their area easily because there are not as many to manage compared to a larger community. The ability to focus on parks, gathering areas, and outdoor spaces can really bring a community together.  The limited spaces can often mean that the quality of work and funding available within smaller communities is even greater because there are more resources to work with.


WLC believes in creating a long-term partnership with our clients based on communication, honesty, and fairness. This philosophy has led to an 80% client return rate, proving our customer service and quality-driven projects are among the best in the industry. Small communities often create the best opportunities for us to provide the greatest and best services. Contact us today to see how we can provide these services in your community.