The Value of Construction Observation

The Value of Construction Observation

construction observation

Including an engineering team in the construction process can be the key to its success as their expertise extends far beyond an initial design plan. For example, site observation can be an integral part of any project and help to avoid problems before they arise or mitigate an issue to find a quick solution to those that come up unexpected.

As part of construction observation, WLC’s engineering team meets with the contractors and suppliers for the project to make sure all aspects and specifications are clear and understood. This provides an opportunity for the scope, approach, and testing processes to be reviewed, as well as any other recommendations that will ensure the project is constructed as designed.

Each construction project has a lot of moving parts. From start to finish, it is important to have a dedicated team or point person who is frequently on-site to observe that the construction is proceeding according to plan. Another benefit of on-site observation is frequent reporting on the progress and quality assurance. The on-site observer also serves as a point of contact for contractors and can funnel information through the project team to the owner or answer questions that come up along the way.

A construction observer serves as part of WLC’s quality assurance team to help ensure a high standard of quality is achieved throughout the project. As part of this quality assurance, WLC also performs materials testing to ensure the specifications included in the design are being met.

Much can happen between the design and the completion of a project. Construction observation serves to help ensure the client receives what was envisioned. While each project is different, there is great value in construction observation. The communication, on-site reporting, oversight, and quality assurance all work together to encourage the best possible outcomes for a construction project. To learn more about WLC’s approach, visit our website.