Meet the Rawlins Survey Team

Meet the Rawlins Survey Team

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The Rawlins survey team is integral to the land and infrastructure development and design of communities in southern Wyoming. Made up of three professional surveyors, the Rawlins team kickstarts projects in the right direction by determining property and boundary lines, recording characteristics, and providing overall snapshots of the land in a project area.

doug boyd

Doug Boyd, P.L.S.

Leading WLC’s Rawlins Team is WLC Partner and Survey Department Head, Doug Boyd, P.L.S. With 21 years of industry experience, Doug is a veteran in his field. His expertise lies in several areas including geodetic control surveys, boundary surveys, easement surveys, retracement surveys, water rights surveys, and more. During his six years at WLC, Doug has served on many notable projects including his ongoing duty of Project Manager and Lead Field Surveyor for the Sinclair Refinery. Other noteworthy projects Doug has worked on include Rawlins High School Topographic and Design Scan, Forest Survey Boundary Delineation, and Sinclair I-80 On Ramp Reconstruction.

aaron gow

Aaron Gow

As Lead Survey Crew Chief, Aaron Gow serves on and oversees many projects for the Rawlins survey team. He has 28 years of industry experience and expertise in several areas including geodetic control surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, construction staking, transmission like and substation surveys, and much more. Aaron also applies his professional experience as lead surveyor to various projects required at the Sinclair Refinery. Additionally, Aaron has served as survey crew chief for the Sage Creek Road project, Chesapeake Oil Co., and Charleston Air Force Base.


steven langwell

Steven Langwell

As Survey Technician III, Steven Langwell lends his expertise in geodetic control surveys, ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, construction layout surveys, railroad construction layout, grading plans, and much more to many WLC surveying projects. Steven serves on multiple projects for the Sinclair Refinery as a survey technician. Some of Steven’s other notable projects as survey technician include Invenergy ALTA Surveys project and the Camino De Nog, Minor Subdivision project.


WLC is lucky to have these professionals on our Rawlins survey team. Read more on survey projects in the Rawlins area and contact our team today to see how our Rawlins team can assist with your project.