3 Great Applications for 3D Scanning

3 Great Applications for 3D Scanning

faro laser scanner

WLC has found the FARO Laser Scanner, Focus 3D ideal for collecting data points, detailed measurements, and documentation for a variety of projects. 3D scanning has reduced both the risk and time that some projects require. Gone are the days where surveyors spend copious amounts of time collecting data and crawling into questionable spaces. Among other opportunities, we’ve identified three great applications for 3D scanning.


3D scanning is a great way to analyze, plan, and complete construction renovation projects. The technology allows WLC to accurately and precisely capture all surface data, reduce risk, and help the overall project run smoothly. By using 3D scanning, our teams can collect all the surfaces, and details of a building and produce incredibly detailed digital images to perform renovations. Most renovation projects would previously rely on the original, 2D drawings before the existence of modern building software. Now, with 3D scanning, buildings can be measured entirely with lasers and renovations can be done based off the digitally generated 3D models.

Field Fit Projects

When a project needs an improvement designed off-site, but then inserted and fit back into the field, 3D scanning is the perfect tool. The accuracy and quantity of the data minimizes disruptions to make the implementation of the improvement as seamless as possible. The ability to capture every data point and measurement allows designers to work with the most accurate and thorough information to make improvements. For renovation or remodeling projects, 3D scanning alleviates the need to work around others occupying the space. It also prevents our team from having to return back to the project site multiple times to perform or take measurements.

As-Built Documentation

It’s clear that 3D scanning improves processes, provides accurate measurements, and improves efficiency. When it comes to As-Built Documentation, 3D scanning is instrumental to ensuring you have an accurate depiction of the existing environment. As-built documentation provides accurate details of the field or project conditions, and because 3D scanning gathers information with greater accuracy, measurement errors and guesswork are nearly eliminated. 3D scanning allows our teams to generate complete, digital, and up-to-date models of the environment saving time and money. In addition to utilizing As-Built Documentation to keep a record of the current environment, this data can also be used to help track and manage assets, changes and updates.

The applications for 3D scanning are endless. Our teams rely on our laser scanners to greatly improve efficiency on our projects. Learn more about our 3D scanning services and contact our team today for 3D scanning on your project.