Why Multi-Disciplined Teams Are Good for Certain Projects

Why Multi-Disciplined Teams Are Good for Certain Projects

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WLC, as an organization, has over 74 years of experience in building a multi-disciplined team to make the biggest impact for our clients and their projects. Certain projects benefit more from a multi-disciplined team when various firms and needs are required to complete the project. Here’s why multi-disciplined teams are good for some projects.

Multi-Faceted Projects

When a project needs different firms with deep expertise such as architecture, civil engineering, electrical or structural engineering, and so on, WLC builds a multi-disciplined team in order to complete a unique and intricate project. As projects become more complex, the importance of a wide-ranging team of experts is required. Intricate projects require extensive planning, coordinating, and assessing from every expert’s background. These projects also require extensive knowledge, coordination, and communication, and experience to provide cross-functional collaboration that gets a project completed.

A multi-disciplined team can accomplish this by bringing together experts in every area to tackle and accomplish tasks in their discipline. Typically, these complex projects also require a Prime (controlling, lead organization), subconsultants, and subcontractors. WLC has acted as either the Prime (lead), or as a subconsultant on tens of thousands of projects over the years.

Required Specialists

Often projects require specialists outside civil engineering alone. For example, certain projects may need specialists in environmental engineering to mitigate risk and adhere to codes and approvals. For projects that need certain specialists, a multi-disciplined team is essential to complete the project. Experts and specialists in areas of architecture, engineering, environmental, construction, and more, enhance WLC’s strong and wide-ranging expertise. If a client’s project needs a specialist, WLC is sure to have an expert partner on the team.

Client Experience

A multi-disciplined team can improve overall client experience. WLC has strong and long-lasting relationships with firms across Wyoming and the region that we can leverage to design and execute the most successful, high-quality projects while still remaining budget, schedule, and scope conscious. Projects that have many goals and priorities may require expertise in multiple areas. These types of projects are a good fit for a multi-disciplined team. Additionally, this helps us provide client-focused service ensuring that each of these goals and priorities are covered.

Multi-disciplined teams provide a dynamic project experience. Experts with different backgrounds work together to meet the needs of unique and intricate projects. Learn more about how WLC uses a multi-disciplined team and reach out to us today for a multi-disciplined team on your next project.