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Civil Design Engineering the Ins and Outs

What is Civil Design Engineering?

One of the first examples of civil design engineering was the creation of the Archimedes’ screw, or screw pump. This machine was used by ancient civilizations mostly to transfer water from low-lying areas into irrigation ditches. The premise is relatively simple, but the impact was profound. Modern variants are still used today in rotary feeders (for things such as grains) as well as the transport of wastewater from sewer systems to the treatment plant, illustrating the potential long-term impact of innovative engineering.

In modern time, civil engineers design, construct, and maintain all public works such as streets, sidewalks, sewers, dams, pipelines and canals. Their work is absolutely necessary to guarantee the integrity of these important systems considering the number of lives that depend on them on a daily basis.

Are there different kinds of Civil Design Engineering?

The term Civil Design Engineering as it’s used today encompasses many different sub-disciplines. Wyoming’s terrain varies greatly as does the use of its land. Therefore, it’s necessary for an engineering firm in the area to have experience and specialty across the spectrum of sub-disciplines. This includes:

  • Construction Management Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Municipal/Urban Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering

Why is it important?

Whether the project is design of an elementary school for local government, or soil testing and study to determine construction materials for a bridge, a successful firm must be able to navigate all these sub-disciplines with comfort and expertise. Different projects will require different specialties and a good engineer is one that is well-rounded in the fields.

WLC’s team of civil engineers has decades of experience in a wide variety of these sub-disciplines. Reach out to us today for help in designing your next project.